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The Airport Field Assessment of Runway(s) (AFAR) web app is a complete package that simplifies surface condition reporting for your airport with the use of any internet enabled device, from mobile phones to desktop computer. It is simple to use and can be operated "on the fly" even from within a vehicle, all while meeting Nav Canada requirements for surface condition reporting.

With AFAR, anyone can generate a surface condition report on one or all runways just by selecting from drop-down boxes of possible choices. It has been tested in real-life situations to ensure that your staff will be able to adapt to it with minimal training. The advanced security give users peace of mind because AFAR Web App uses Secure Sockets Layer and WPA encryption where available, along with other advanced security measures.

Seconds after Submitting, your observation data is automatically validated, and transmitted to Nav Canada servers where it is distributed across their nationwide network. AFAR takes care of ensuring the report is properly formatted, and compliant with NOTAMJ and SNOWIZ specifications, making it impossible to submit invalid data. Using AFAR, you don&t need to be concerned with miscommunications between your airport and Nav Canada in reporting surface conditions. As new reporting standards such as TALPA are introduced throughout Canada in the coming years, AFAR Web App will change to meet all of these requirements, without the need for purchasing costly new products and retraining of staff. When reporting standards change, you will be ready.

Compatible with: iOS (Apple), Android tablets and smart phones as well as computers running Windows or Mac.

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Be ready for the winter season with the new AFAR WebApp. Log all your Runway Condition NOTAMs automatically without using the NOTAM Manager.

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